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Fort Vancouver HS

Welcome Fort Vancouver HS Trappers,
Class of 1961!

It's been over 50 years since we've walked the halls of FVHS, and we've all changed in more ways than we ever imagined, I'm sure.

We have lots to offer, but, as with anything worthwhile, the information we have is only as good as the info you provide! So we want to fill up our databases, to share with each other, to help us stay connected, and most of all, to make friends all over again!

Show your high school pride, and share with your classmates!
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55th Reunion Date Set!
Join your classmates of 1961 on Saturday, September 10 at Royal Oaks Country Club located at 8917 NE 4th Plain Blvd.

The Event will be a barbeque dinner held on the patio between 5 and 9 p.m. to celebrate our 55th Class Reunion.

The cost is $20 per person. We ask that you print off and mail this registration form below along with a check by August 15th.

Click Here to download and print the registration form

Hope to see you all there!

Come See the Pictures from our 70th Birthday Party!
Our FVHS Class of 1961 celebrated its 70th Birthday Party on Saturday, September 14, 2013 at Royal Oaks Country Club located at 8917 NE Fourth Plain Blvd. Vancouver WA 98662.

We had a GREAT turnout and we took lots of pictures of our classmates!

Please Click Here to see the fun pictures!

Coach Furno has passed away
Coach Chuck Furno, who led Fort's football team during our high school years and for many years before and after, recently passed away in Vancouver. You can read his obituary at the link below. We will miss you, Coach!

Click Here to see Coach Furno's obituary in the Columbian.

Click Here to read a great biography and see a picture of Coach Furno and his wife!

Inspiring Kids Through Music featuring Anni DuFresne Beach!
Our very own Anni DuFresne Beach is featured on a local newcast about her program, Inspiring Kids Through Music!

Click Here to see a wonderfui newcast featuring our very own Anni!

50th Reunion - FVHS Class of '61
The 50th Reunion was a blast!!

Lots of good times, great friends, and funny moments. Send your reunion pictures to Tom Berry at thomasjberry@gmail.com and they will be posted within 24 hours.

We have over 70 reunion pictures to show you!
Click Here to see great reunion pictures that have been submited so far!!

Here is a YouTube location of Gary, Larry, Larry and Rick singing Saturday night.
Click Here to view the video!!!

Click Here to read a great reunion poem by our very own Pam Young!!

There are a few of the great anniversary books left!! If you want one don't delay!! Email Kay Putnam at kayguske@comcast.net

Here are 2 great class shots!

Front Row L-R: Jim Ding, Gordon Hunt, Dennis Gomez, Rich Liedtke, Jon Gilbert, Steve Lapsley
Second row L-R: Carl Dahlen, Shareen Newman, Anni DuFresne, Sue Muller, Ken Johanson, Bonnie Johnston, Carlene Rittenhouse, Judy McKnight, Nancy Hannah, Jane Shields, Joan Johnson, Sharon Green
Third Row L-R: Nyla Zimmerman, Linda Blair, Matt Masco, Pat Reichsfeld, Virginia Monahan, Jeanne Featherly, Vickie Schram, Betty Haisch, Howard Moller, Denise Walsh, Rosann Gehring, Rosalie Eaks, Bill Bleakney, Tom Prediletto, Marvin Wakefield, Kay Putnam, Larry Frydenberg, Pat Maslac, Rick Hood, Carl Schneiderman, Anne Hungate, Pat Monahan, Perry Walsh, Vickie Zoller

Front Row L-R: Jim Holmberg, Mike Graves, Steve Wheeler, Ken Crouse, Jim Berry, Larry Stewart, Casey Dorman.
Second Row L-R: Bonnie Baker, Judy Hausinger, Cherie Jones, Pam Young, Sande Dyer, Jan Mills, Linda DuPuis, Joan Winsell, Diane Betzing, Sue Forkner, Janet Greville.
Third Row L-R: Terry Richard, Don Rieland, Joanne Freimuth, Gail Harris, Dick Fisher, Bob Graham, Gary Barker, Karen Olson, Ken Johnson, Larry Harding, Jim Forbes, Bill Imdieke, Larry Hansen, Ruth Armstrong, Betty Futtrup, Rose Armstrong.
Back Row L-R: Kay Klein, Judy Bauer, Dick Maw, Donna Marlitt, Larry Siewert, Phyllis Ashard, Janice Stanton, Kay VanWoert, Judy Kelly, Norma Fransen, Karen Cleveland, Suzie Fink

Your Website is Here!
The submission forms and message boards are operational so go have fun!
The reunion pics and lost/deceased lists are all posted so you can feel free to look them over.
The individual links to all the graduates are also up and ready for viewing!
The "Looking Back" series is posted and full of interesting and fond memories! If you have any pictures from way back when that you wish to share, please email them to Jim Berry.

This is YOUR website, so tell us what you'd like to see!

To submit an annoucement please email the webmaster at
Berry Patch Web Services.

Check out this slideshow from our recent 50th reunion!
Slideshow image

50th YR REUNION PICS - 2011!
You won't want to miss this!
CLICK HERE to see some familiar faces!

45 YR REUNION PICS - 2006!
You won't want to miss these either!
CLICK HERE to see some familiar faces!

Please help us find them!



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